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4 Tips to Maintaining Your Kitchen Equipment

4 Tips to Maintaining Your Kitchen Equipment

Plan Ahead To Avoid Long And Costly Repairs

You rely on your kitchen equipment day in and day out, and you take care to keep it all in working order. If you’ve experienced equipment failure in the past, then you know how stressful and costly repairs can be, and how it can cause your business to come to a grinding halt. Many equipment failures could have been avoided with some simple preventative maintenance. If you’re interested in learning how to avoid common equipment issues and potentially costly repairs, read on for 4 tips for preventative maintenance in your kitchen!

1. Create a Maintenance Checklist

An effective kitchen begins with routine, proper cleanings. Given how busy commercial kitchens can be, it’s important that all kitchen employees know the cleaning and maintenance schedule so that nothing is overlooked. Creating and posting a kitchen cleanup schedule around your facility allows staff members to refer to it when needed, ensuring that all duties are assigned and no item is forgotten.

2. Prioritize Safety

Food service is a highly-competitive industry, and the rush to meet customer demand can sometimes lead to mistakes being made. Let your staff know how highly you prioritize safety in the workplace, and ensure they are properly trained on the necessary precautions they should take while on the job.

Burns, for example, are a regrettably common kitchen occurrence, but can be avoided with proper training and maintenance. Make sure your staff know to clean all grease spills and other residue from kitchen surfaces regularly, and to wear proper safety equipment when operating hot equipment, such as aprons and mitts. You’ll be creating a safer environment for your employees, and be working to prevent potential workplace fire hazards.

3. Perform Regular Maintenance Yourself

As the owner of a commercial kitchen, there are many areas of maintenance you or your staff can perform to keep your equipment running well. Below are some common practices you can perform yourself to maintain your equipment:


  • Check the seal gaskets of all refrigerators for possible leaks and to ensure a strong seal
  • Schedule air filter replacements to ensure optimal airflow
  • Make sure all refrigeration coils receive regular cleanings


  • For stovetops with overhead exhaust units, make sure your grease filters receive regular cleanings
  • Ensure that all stovetop surfaces are free from grease and other potential harzards

Deep Fryers

  • Check that gas-powered fryers are operating safely and efficiently with regular checking for gas leaks
  • Ensure the fryer’s combustion fans are cleaned and free from obstructions
  • Regular, scheduled cleanings by boiling out are crucial to the safe operation and prolonged life of your fryer

For all of these procedures, please consult your equipment manual for detailed maintenance instructions specific to your model.

4. Request Professional Maintenance Services

If you’re wanting the peace of mind and speed that comes with top-rated professional services, contact Gammon’s HVACR today to chat with us about our professional maintenance services. Through our Complete Care Program, we can provide your business with installation, repair, and maintenance services for all hot-side and cold-side equipment. Our goal is to provide you with excellent maintenance service now, so you can avoid costly repairs or replacements down the road.

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