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Gammon’s COVID 19 Protocol Practices

You, our customer, are important to us – you write our paychecks. We are taking precautions against potentially spreading COVID-19. Here is the protocol for our employees.

Sick employees stay at home. If someone in their home is sick, they stay at home.

Whenever possible, we keep a distance of 6 feet or more between employees.

We are providing flu prevention supplies and distributing health messages in our workplace:

  1. Tissues
  2. Trash receptacles
  3. Disposable face masks
  4. Hand Sanitizer

We are promoting hygiene practices:

  1. Providing alcohol based hand sanitizer
  2. Promoting effective hand washing (singing happy birthday to yourself twice while you are washing your hands with soap and water is a good estimate of how long you should be washing your hands for)
  3. Encouraging employees to avoid touching their mouth, nose and eyes.

Although it is not clear how much such practices can reduce the spread of the virus, they continue to make good public health sense.

Here is a reference for you:

  1. Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID

When a Gammon’s Employee Arrives at Your Home

First, if you are sick or if someone in your home is sick, please reschedule your appointment. We do not want to spread the virus.

Here are other things you can expect:

  1. The employee has been practicing the Gammon’s workplace protocol
  2. The employee will be wearing a dust mask
  3. The employee will wear a new pair of nitrile gloves for each customer
  4. The employee will enter your home or business only when necessary

Thank you for trusting Gammon’s to keep you comfortable in your home or business during these difficult circumstances.