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Commercial Air Conditioning


We can help you maintain an efficient, top-performance air conditioning system

Preventive Services for Your Air Conditioning Equipment

Gammon’s Heating and Cooling Equipment Repair can help you maintain an efficient, top-performance air conditioning system. We will clean air filters and cooling coils to maximize the energy efficiency of your units. To maximize energy efficiency and space comfort, we will check energy management systems. We will also cut down on mold and mildew growth by providing the necessary maintenance to air handler and duct work. Gammon’s Heating and Cooling will also recharge refrigerant and check refrigerant and all seals in the system.

To keep the best air quality that is possible, Gammon’s Heating and Cooling will check drain lines for algae buildup. To be sure your location has maximum energy efficiency, we will check thermostat program settings. We need to be sure there are not any broken or disconnected coils or air return ducts. We will clean and overhaul the condensing evaporative coils and evaluate all air return and supply ducts. If there are cooling towers, we will also check those. Our team will also check the economizer, which allows maximum system efficiency.

To be sure your system is performing efficiently, we will determine if internal changes have affected the “right sizing” of your air conditioning unit. The proper sizing and reconfiguring of your duct work and distribution system is critical.

Air Conditioning System Video Inspections

In some cases, we provide video inspections of air handling systems and
ducts using our state-of-the-art robot cameras.

Using fiber optic and handheld cameras that can inspect your equipment and ducts and provide video documentation of your equipment’s condition can help you plan for duct cleaning and equipment replacement and help avoid unexpected problems that are attributed to air quality due to dirty ducts and ventilation equipment.